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The huge rocks of Meteora imposingly dominate Kalambaka, rising between Mount Koziakas and Antichasia.
This spectacular natural creation impresses everyone through the centuries and constitutes a unique in beauty geological phenomenon and a significant monument of Orthodoxy. Meteora has been characterized as similar to Agio Oros and preserve the monastic tradition for the last six centuries.
The first monasteries were meticulously and skillfully built in the 14th century. As the years went by, some were reconstructed while others underwent significant repairs giving them their present architectural form. Since their construction, they stand on the rocks, giving us the impression that they constitute their natural extension.
Climbing in the past was enabled with scaffolds, net and rope ladders. Nowadays, the pilgrims-visitors use the stairs carved on the rocks, enabling a comfortable and safe ascent to the monasteries.
Out of the 24 monasteries built on the rocks, only six function nowadays while the 15 remaining are uninhabited and derelict. At present, Meteora has been characterized by the UN as a Monument of Cultural Heritage.
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